Cosmopolitan Cocktail Recipe

The Cosmopolitan, or Cosmo, is one of the most iconic cocktails there is. It gained massive popularity due to the show 'Sex and the City'.  The origin of this sweet and stylish drink, however, is quite mysterious as it is unknown where it is from exactly.

Cosmopolitan ingredients

  • 1 1/2 oz (45 ml) Vodka
  • 1 oz (30 ml) Triple Sec
  • 2 oz (60 ml) Strawberry Juice
  • Sugar
  • Lemon twist
  • Ice cubes

How to make the Cosmopolitan

  1. Fill the shaker with ice.
  2. Add the Vodka, Triple Sec and Strawberry Juice. Shake until the shaker feels decently cold.
  3. Get a plate and add a layer of sugar on top in a circle that is around the same size as your Martini glass
  4. Moisten the Martini glass with a slice of lemon. Dip the martini glass in the sugar that's on the plate, so that the rim of the glass now has sugar stuck to it. 
  5. Pour the shaker in the glass.
  6. Add a lemon twist to garnish.

And voilà, you've got a delicious and beautiful Cosmopolitan. Enjoy!

Lots of bartenders make this cocktail with lime juice instead of strawberry juice. We simply like this one more. There are lots more of variants on this one and we would recommend trying the others as well to see what you prefer. Below we've listed a few we think you should try.

Red Cosmopolitan Cocktail

Cosmopolitan Variations

  • White Cosmopolitan - Strawberry juice replaced by white cranberry juice and preferred with citrus vodka.
  • Black Cosmopolitan - Strawberry juice substituted with black grape juice.
  • The Paris - replace strawberry juice with lemon juice and white cranberry juice, add a few drips of cane syrup and replace the vodka with raspberry vodka. Lastly substitute triple sec with Midori melon liquor. Skip step 3 and 4. Step 6 is optional.

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