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Citrus juicers are a key tool for making delicious cocktails. There are a few different types of citrus juicers, each with its own advantages.

To use a citrus juicer for cocktails, start by choosing the right type of citrus fruit. If you're using lemons or limes, look for a manual citrus juicer that can handle small citrus fruits. For oranges or grapefruits, an electric citrus juicer will be easier to use.

Once you've chosen your citrus fruit, wash it thoroughly and cut it into quarters. If you're using a manual citrus juicer, place the citrus fruit in the juicer and squeeze it over a bowl or glass. For an electric citrus juicer, simply place the citrus fruit in the juicer and let it do its job.

Once you've juiced your citrus fruit, it's time to mix up a delicious cocktail. If you're not sure where to start, check out our recipes section for some great ideas.

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