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A cocktail shaker is used for mixing a variety of cocktails, from daiquiris to martinis to shooters. Cocktail shakers typically feature a tight-fitting lid and a beaker-shaped body. They are available in a range of sizes and styles, from basic metal models to more sophisticated glass and stainless steel units. There are two kinds of cocktail shakers: a traditional one with a built-in strainer, and a more modern style with a compartment into which ice can be placed. Many cocktail recipes call for a "half-and-half" ratio of vodka and gin, but also include other ingredients such as bitters and fruit juices.

If you're looking to get a jumpstart on your bar skills, adding a cocktail shaker to your arsenal is a great place to start. The most important features of a cocktail shaker are its capacity and durability. A small metal model will not perform well when making large batches of cocktails, while a glass or stainless steel unit may not hold up to regular use over time. As long as you're clear on what you're looking for, the sky's the limit when it comes to what kind of cocktail shaker you can choose from.

A cocktail shaker is also used in making James Bond's famous line: "Shaken, not stirred"

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