The Tiki-mug cocktail glass is a popular and distinctive vessel that adds a touch of exoticism and fun to any tropical-themed drink. Inspired by Polynesian culture, Tiki mugs are typically made of ceramic or glass and feature whimsical designs like tikis, hula dancers, or tropical animals. These unique glasses are often used to serve delicious and visually appealing Tiki cocktails, which are known for their vibrant colors, tropical flavors, and creative garnishes.

Tiki Mug Cocktail Glass

Here are four examples of cocktails commonly enjoyed in Tiki-mug cocktail glasses:

  1. Mai Tai: The Mai Tai is a classic Tiki cocktail that originated in the 1940s. It combines rum, typically a combination of light and dark rum, with lime juice, orange curaçao, orgeat syrup (a sweet almond syrup), and sometimes a hint of grenadine. The cocktail is garnished with a sprig of fresh mint, a lime wheel, and a colorful tropical fruit skewer. Learn how to make the best Mai Tai in our blog!

  2. Piña Colada: This iconic tropical cocktail is made with rum, pineapple juice, and coconut cream. It's usually blended with ice until smooth and served in a Tiki-mug glass. A garnish of a pineapple wedge, maraschino cherry, and a colorful paper umbrella adds to the festive look of this creamy and refreshing drink. Click here to find our Piña Colada recipe.

  3. Zombie: The Zombie is a potent Tiki cocktail that packs a punch. It typically includes several types of rum, fruit juices (such as lime and grapefruit), grenadine, and a dash of absinthe or other herbal liqueurs. The concoction is served over crushed ice in a Tiki-mug glass and garnished with a variety of fresh fruits and mint sprigs.

  4. Blue Hawaiian: This vibrant and tropical cocktail features rum, blue curaçao liqueur, pineapple juice, and cream of coconut. It's shaken with ice and strained into a Tiki-mug glass filled with crushed ice. A pineapple wedge, maraschino cherry, and a colorful cocktail umbrella are often used to garnish this visually striking drink.

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